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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Today's Line - Almost Perfect

Well folks leave it to me to ruin a perfect day with 4 late picks that were completely unnecessary. I was one game away from 7-0 and I got greedy and put up 4 picks that I really didn't research before pulling the trigger. My punishment 2-2 bringing down yesterday's total to 9-2. Still respectable but obviously not as good as 7-0! But hey I'll take 9-2 any day.

Records have been updated so let's get to it.

Last Week4236053.9%
Last Month139120453.7%
Last 90 Days231198553.9%
Last Year5274771752.5%

Here are my early games...sorry time has gotten away form me today...I'll post my entire card in a bit.

1Q Florida +7: Florida is a proud football team and the players know they might be playing for Muschamp's job. Look for the Gators to come out like gangbusters and keep the game close at least in the first quarter.

2 pick parlay:
Ohio St Michigan OVER (57.5) and Ohio St to win (+100): Ohio ST will score and score often against Michigan and should win this game going away.

Kansas St (-877) @ Kansas: I know I know big money line so what's the point? You can't go broke making a profit is my point. K State is more talented than Kansas and should be able to get the win on the road.

Good Luck All!

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