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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Today's Line - Decisions Based on Emotion

Decisions based on emotion aren't really decisions at all. This is something we must all remember when it comes to sports betting. Last night I made a decision because I "felt" that the over for the second half would hit in the Saints/Seahawks game. However if I would have thought it through I would have come to the realization that the Saints weren't going to do anything on offense and Seattle was going to play ball control.

Another lesson learned.

Last Week3428154.8%
Last Month146128553.3%
Last 90 Days244213653.4%
Last Year5114781651.7%

Quick Picks...time is short today


Heat (-616) @ Pistons
Bucks @ Celtics UNDER (185.5)
Denver (-4) @ Nets
Suns @ Griz OVER (190.5)
Bobcats @ Dallas (-376)
Thunder @ Kings (-275)


Notre Dame @ Iowa (-336)
Santa Barbara (+11.5) @ UCLA

Good Luck All!
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