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Friday, December 13, 2013

Today's Line - Watch Out for Regression

There are many different definitions for regression and it means different things for different people. For me it means a way back to the middle. The middle being where you started. I saw this happen last night, but luckily it was on a small scale. 

I made two bets and lost them both. Handicappers must always remember regression and not get too overconfident when it comes to their picks. That's why for me no pick is better than the next and because of that I bet the same amount on each pick, within a few cents here and there.

Hopefully we are past the regression and I can get back to 60%. With that I was super selective today and only have 4 picks.

Records have been updated:

Last Week2916264.4%
Last Month148116456.1%
Last 90 Days286229855.5%
Last Year5344781752.8%

Bobcats @ Pacers OVER (183.5): Both teams score in the 90's at least, I see the Pacers scoring in the 100's as they will have more possessions and more points in the paint. I believe Granger is targeting tonight for his return but haven't confirmed it.

Lakers (+12.5) @ Thunder: I know I'm betting against the Thunder but the Lakers should cover 12.5. Come on Kobe let's get it done!

Griz @ Pelicans (-2.5): This spread really does not make sense to me at all. The Pelicans are better in almost every category than the Griz plus they are at home. This might be a reaction to the fact they let th Pistons get back into the game Wednesday night but I see them covering this easily.

Jazz @ Nuggets (-653): This game will be close but the Nuggets will win.

Good Luck All!
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