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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Today's Line - Out of Sorts and Breaking the Rules

Well folks I missed my first post since inception of this blog, I made my picks but forgot to post. Needless to say yesterday was a busy day. Below are the picks and the results. I'm still trying to dig myself out of the 1-8 hole.

I'm breaking a couple of rules on my picks today. I'm risking more than 5% of my bankroll and I'm betting on teams that are in my parlays. Hey..desperate times calls for desperate measures.

With we go.

Last Week1820147.4%
Last Month6264149.2%
Last 90 Days309264753.9%
Last Year6185431653.2%

DateSportPick DetailsRiskTo WinResultWon/LostInfoAction

02-07-14NBAATS: Timberwolves -1 (-110)


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02-07-14NBAATS: Mavericks -9.5 (-110)


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02-07-14CBBMONEYLINE: Wildcats -915@

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02-07-14CBBMONEYLINE: Crimson -1675


2 team parlay to win (-681)

Alabama @ Florida
Kentucky @ Miss St.

2 team parlay to win (-387)

Purdue @ Ohio St
Duke @ BC

Purdue @ Ohio St (-12)

Duke(-10.5) @ BC

Oklahoma St (-283) @ Texas Tech

3 team teaser

Heat (-1) @ Jazz
Nevada @ San Diego St (-4)
UCLA (-0.5) @ USC

I might have some NBA picks later...

Good Luck All!

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