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Monday, March 17, 2014

Today's Line - Let the Madness Begin

Seems odd that there are no college basketball games to pick today. I mean there is one but I wouldn't touch it. So here are three NBA games I like.

Records haven't changed so lets get 60!!


Hawks @ Bobcats (-3): My love affair continues with good defensive teams and the Bobcats. Al Jefferson might be the most underrated center in the NBA next to Marc Gasol and I think he dominates the paint tonight allowing Kemba Walker to do his thing. I'd lean this going over as well.

Suns (+3.5) @ Nets: I love the fact that the Suns are getting points here. They have the type of offense that can put in on you in a hurry, and I just don't see the Nets playing enough defense to stop the Suns.

Clippers (-4.5) @ Denver: The Clippers are rolling right now and Denver is coming off a bad loss at Atlanta. I know they are a different team at home but the Clippers are playing on a different level right now.

Good Luck All!
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