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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Today's Line - May All Your Brackets Survive The Weekend

12-5 is okay but I did lose a little bit of change. Looking to correct that today and tomorrow. I'll be off the grid tomorrow so I have posted today's and tomorrow's picks.

Let the madness begin and lets get 60!

Last Week3728156.9%$7.08
Last Month15488363.6%$10.79
Last 90 Days300214558.4%$11.85
Last Year7646091955.6%$17.96

03-21-14CBBMONEYLINE: Bruins -442$1.18$0.26pending
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03-21-14CBBATS: Cyclones -8 (-110)$1.11*$1.00pending
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03-21-14CBBATS: Tigers -3 (-110)$1.11*$1.00pending
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03-21-14CBBATS: Jayhawks -14 (-110)$1.11*$1.00pending
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03-21-14CBBATS: Lobos -3 (-110)$1.11*$1.00pending
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03-20-14CBBMONEYLINE: Aztecs -318$1.18$0.37pending
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03-20-14CBBATS: Cardinals -16.5 (-110)$1.11*$1.00pending
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03-20-14CBBDucks vs. Cougars OVER 158 (-110)$1.11*$1.00pending
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03-20-14CBBMONEYLINE: Panthers -280$1.18$0.42pending
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03-20-14CBBATS: Badgers -13.5 (-110)$1.11*$1.00pending
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03-20-14CBBMONEYLINE: Buckeyes -281$1.18$0.42pending

Good Luck All!
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