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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Today's Line - 2 for the Show

Once again not much to chose from but I did see a couple of  plays in the NBA. I'm finding that this time of year is a bit of a lull and we have to be careful not to blow our bankrolls on marginal plays. Having said that I believe I have identified two strong plays but on the money line.

Lets Get 60!

Last Week2016055.6%$11.17
Last Month12684160.0%$14.88
Last 90 Days296208558.7%$15.94
Last Year7606061955.6%$22.05


Raptors (-178) @ Cavs: Toronto is playing for the 3rd seed in the East and the Cavs are once again playing for a ping pong ball without their bet player.

Blazers (-244) @ Magic: Same situation as above. The Blazers are playing for the playoffs while the Magic are not. Portland can easily beat the Magic even without Aldridge.

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