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Monday, May 12, 2014

Today's Line - Bizaro World in the NBA

2-3 yesterday with all three loses on overs. When am I going to learn?

The NBA was whack yesterday since every team looked like the Pacers.  The Clippers couldn't buy a bucket it the first quarter and looked like they'r rather be at the beach then at the game. The second quarter the Thunder looked like the Pacers as they were disinterested wondering why they even needed to play the game as the Clippers got back in the game. This continued into the 4th and they deservedly got punked by the Clippers.

The Pacers looked like the Pacers playing uninterested, lifeless basketball for three quarters then all of the sudden the Wizards turned into the Pacers and got punked by the Pacers!

Moral of the story...Wizards are done. Thunder in 7.

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MLB 2014:


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Last 90 Days10170959.1%


2 Team Parlay to win:

Heat @ Nets: Does anyone really think the Heat are going to let the Nets get back in this series? Heat win tonight so they can close at home.

Spurs @ Blazers: The series is done. The Spurs can get about 8 days off if they close out the Blazers who are already thinking about the off-season.


Nats (-119) @ D'backs: Zimmerman on the mound for the Nats after a short outing and on normal rest versus the D'backs Collmenter who in his last two games has giving up 9 runs.

White Sox @ A's (-1.5): Taking the run line in this since the ML was too high. The A's have Chavez today who is coming off a shaky start but has been excellent this year. The White Sox have Danks who in his last two starts given up 11 runs and does not fair well on the road.

Good Luck All!
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