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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Today's Line - More Day Baseball

4-3 after a frustrating night where the Blazers couldn't break a 100 against a Rocket team that plays no defense. I knew better then to take the Braves and Harang...never again and WTF are the Reds doing losing to the Cubs? Pathetic!

Regardless, lets start the day off with a win. More to come later...Lets Get 60!

Last Week1810464.3%$3.17
Last Month7757757.5%
Last 90 Days2981971160.2%
Last Year7746132055.8%

MLB 2014:

Last Week156471.4%$4.58
Last Month7148759.7%$3.30
Last 90 Days7749761.1%$7.58

Dodgers (-153) @ Twins: Haren on the mound for the Dodgers with a sparkling 2.03 ERA against the Twins Pelfrey's ERA of over 7. Do I need to go on?

Good Luck All!
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