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Friday, May 2, 2014

Today's Line - Starting from Behind

I hate starting from behind but as a grinder sometimes you have to. It's like losing your first hand in poker. Just keep your head down and get to work. Records have not been updated on so I don't have them posted.

Lets Get 60!


Rockets @ Blazers (-180): Portland gets it done at home. This is there best chance to advance.


Rays (-128) @ Yankees: Price redeems himself.

White Sox @ Indians OVER (8.5): We know the Sox can score runs and have crappy pitching. The Indians Salazar has yet to impress.

Dodgers (-123) @ Marlins: Beckett is having a great year so far and I doubt the Marlin lineup scares him.

Orioles @ Twins OVER (8.5): Two decent offenses and two terrible pitchers.

Mariners (-191) @ Astros: King Felix on the mound against the Astors...need I say more?

Rangers @ Angles OVER (9): See the Twins game

Good Luck All!
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