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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Today's Line - I'm Back in Love with Run Lines

1-1 last night but since I played run lines I made a little change.

I'm thinking this the way to go. The only time a run line kills you is if it's a one run game. I have no idea how many one run games there have been this season, but I can't imagine there have been many. Additionally how many of those one run games have I actually bet on. My guess is not very many.

I do remember betting on two in the same day and both teams won by one, which was a kick in the balls. However, for the most part games I play are either won by two runs or more or just flat out lost. In my opinion the risk is low (a team only wining by 1 run) and the reward is high (extra juice on any run lines).

So with that...Lets Get 60!

Last Week128060.0%
Last Month7955159.0%
Last 90 Days226172956.8%
Last Year8716742356.4%

MLB 2014:


Last Week127063.2%

Last Month6045157.1%

Last 90 Days181138956.7%

07-03-14MLBRUNLINE: Dodgers -1.5 (+112)$1.26$1.41pending
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07-03-14MLBRUNLINE: Yankees -1.5 (+103)$1.26$1.29pending
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07-03-14MLBRUNLINE: Tigers -1.5 (+112)$1.26$1.41pending
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07-03-14MLBRUNLINE: Giants -1.5 (+156)$1.26$1.96pending
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