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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Today's Line - Starting the Week Off Right!

2-1 with some change to throw is becoming a common theme! Le'ts keep at it wit three solid picks today. I'm mulling over two over plays which I may add depending on how the early game plays out.

Let's Get 60!

Last Week138161.9%$9.89
Last Month7651259.8%$17.33
Last 90 Days2211651057.3%$5.85
Last Year8826802456.5%

MLB 2014:

Last Week138161.9%$9.89
Last Month5941259.0%$17.33
Last 90 Days1761331057.0%$10.61
07-08-14MLBRUNLINE: Cardinals -1.5 (+169)$2.07$3.49pending
07-08-14MLBRUNLINE: Yankees -1.5 (+107)$2.07$2.21pending
07-08-14MLBRUNLINE: Reds -1.5 (-103)$2.07$2.01pending
Good Luck All!
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