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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Today's Line - Let's Hedge

First day of the "new month" and we got a win. Feels good. So let's do it again.

I have a 3 team parlay today with a safety valve. One of the games is the early game. If that loses we will put the other remaining games in a 2 team parlay for even money and with some luck come out even. The first game is a bit of a risk since the Cards Wainright hasn't been right for a month but he does well against the Pirates and that's why they call it gambling!

Let's Get 60!

Record Since Inception 9/26/13:

933-736 (55.9%)
Wins to 56% - 4
Wins to 60% - 171


At Inception: $6.60
Yesterday: $12.02
Today: $12.83
Profit: $6.23
Growth: 94%

Last Week1311254.2%-$0.95
Last Month4351445.7%-$20.06
Last 90 Days168140854.6%-$2.66
Last Year9457533055.7%

MLB 2014:

Last Week129257.1%-$0.28
Last Month4049444.9%-$21.81
Last 90 Days143127853.0%-$6.76

08-27-14MLB3 Team Parlay: (+247) view picks$0.77$1.90pending 
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08-27-14MLBParlay Pick 1: MONEYLINE: Dodgers -223  pending
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08-27-14MLBParlay Pick 2: MONEYLINE: Indians -179  pending
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08-27-14MLBParlay Pick 3: MONEYLINE: Cardinals -137  pending
Good Luck All!
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