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Heisman Trophy - Will Grier (QB West Virginia) +650 (L)
Heisman Trophy - Kyler Murray (QB Oklahoma) +950 (W)

Reach Final 4 - Kansas +140
Reach Final 4 - Gonzaga +180
Reach Final 4 - Virginia +650
Reach Final 4 - Tennessee +1100
Reach Final 4 - Kansas State +2000

Central Division - Indiana Pacers +132
Western Conference - Houston Rockets +675
Eastern Conference - Boston Celtics -113
Eastern Conference - Philadelphia 76ers +380

NBA Most Valuable Player - Anthony Davis +400
NBA Most Valuable Player - Giannis Antetokounmpo +475

Friday, September 12, 2014

Today's Line - Interesting Enough

Well folks I seamed to have fallen into the same trap as all the other squares that bet on the Steelers. 60% (oddly enough) of the action was on the Steelers and right on queue they turned in a clunker.

In last night's two college games we had 73% of the action on BYU who failed to cover and 50% action on  LA Tech getting 3 who crushed North Texas.

What does this tell us? If we would have gone against the public by taking the Ravens, Houston, and the points with LA Tech we'd be 3-0.

Let's look back at last week to see how we would done going against the public with 60% or more action.

In the NFL:

Sea 54% - no bet
NO 73% - W (Atlanta flat out won)
Min 62% - L (Minny covered)
Pitt 75% - W (Browns covered)
Philly 72% L (Eagles covered, barely)
Jets 66% - W (Raiders covered 5.5)
Ravens 54% - no bet
Bears 78% - W (Bills won)
Texans 56% - no bet
KC - 66% - W (Titians won)
Pats 78% - W (Dolphins won)
Bucs 68% - W (Panthers won)
49ers - 66% L (49ers covered)
Denver - 65% W (Colts covered late)
Detroit - 66% L (Lions covered)
SD - 57% - no bet

Record: 8-4 66%

Now I can't imagine we would get this win rate every week but it is fascinating that so many games went against the public. We should definitely remember this going into Sunday. Last night was a good start.

Let's look at the NCAA

Arizona 68% - W (UTSA covered)
Pitt 60% L (Pitt covered)
Wash St - 67% W (Nevada covered)
Bama 74% Push (game ended early)
Kas St 80% - W (Iowa St covered)
Purdue 73% W (Cent Mich won)
Army 73% L (Army covered)
Mizz 69% L (Mizz covered)
Navy 61% L (Navy covered)
Tenn 72% W (AK-St covered)
West Ken 69% W (Illinois covered)
Miss St 62% W (UAB covered)
Colorado 79% W (UMass covered)
S-Ala 79% L (S-Ala covered)
Utah 82% L (Utah covered)
Penn St 64% L (Penn St covered)
Kentucky 84% L (Kentucky covered)
Florida 69% L (Florida covered)
Miss 72% L (Miss covered)
Mich St 62% W (Oregon covered)
UL-Mon 74% W (Idaho covered)
ULL 73% W (La Tech won)
ASU 72% L (ASU covered)
Duke 76% W (Troy covered)
South Car 66% W (E Car covered)
Aub 89% L (Aub covered)
MD 79% W (USF covered)
UNC 65% W (SDSU covered)
Oklahoma 84% L (Oklahoma covered)
UCLA 82% W (Memphis covered)
TT 61% W (UTEP covered)
Nebraska 86% W (Mc St covered)
Rutgers 80% W (Howard covered)
Wisc 78% W (W. Ill covered)
Fla Int 66% L (Fl Int covered)
So Miss 74% W (Alcorn st covered)
Conn 72% W (Stony B covered)
Clem 86% L (Clemson covered)
Cal 73% L (Cal covered)
Ok St 85% W (MO-St covered)
Mia-Ohio 74% W (E. Kent won)
Ark 73% L (Ark covered)
App St 73% L (App st covered)
Ga Sou 82% L (Ga So covered)
Wake F 71% W (G-Web covered)
Marsh 79% Push
Louisville 84% L (Louisville covered)
Miami 60% W (FAMU covered)
Kansas 63% W (Se Miss covered)
FSU 72% W (Citadel covered)
WVU 81% L (WVU covered)
Baylor 79% L (Baylor covered)
LSU 84% L (LSU covered)
TA&M 88% L (TA&M covered)
UT-St 71% W (Idaho st covered)
UNLV 72% W (No Col covered)

Record: 30-24 55.6%

Not bad, 55% will get you some change to throw but not a lot. Let's look at it a little closer. If we throw out the top 15 teams at the time they played (FSU, Oregon, Oklahoma, Auburn, TA&M, Baylor, UCLA, LSU, Ole Miss) we get a 27-18 for a cool 60%.

What does this tell me? The top 10 teams are pretty darn good. After that its a crap shoot so why not let the public decide for you?

Food For Thought
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