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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Today's Line - Going Dark and Regrouping

Another losing day, another losing week, another losing month. It appears I don't know what the fyck I'm doing as I continue to pick loser after loser after loser after loser after loser.

I'm down to $1.21 and losing confidence by the minute, so I'm going dark and taking a break. I plan on still playing here and there and who know what will happen to whats left of my bankroll but I will not post again until the new year.

Record Since Inception 9/26/13:

1305-1113 (54%)


At Inception: $6.60
Yesterday: $2.00
Today: $1.21
Profit: -$5.39
Growth: -82%

Last Week3138044.9%
Last Month103111248.1%
Last 90 Days2842931049.2%
Last Year9888543653.6%

Good Luck and Happy New Year!
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