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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Today's Line - Beat the Bookie

1-1 yesterday but the loss was bonus cash so all profit. Nothing risky today. A parlay of two heavy favorites on the ML and another ML favorite.


Record Since Inception 9/26/13:

1520-1364 (52.7%)


At Inception: $6.60
Yesterday: $9.26
Today: $9.48
Profit: $2.88
Growth: 44%

Last Week75058.3%
Last Month7890146.4%
Last 90 Days3594001547.3%
Last Year10699914351.9%
02-18-15CBBMONEYLINE: Ducks -232$0.57$0.24pending
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02-18-15CBB2 Team Parlay: (-312) view picks$0.57$0.18pending  
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02-18-15CBBParlay Pick 1: MONEYLINE: Badgers -578  pending
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02-18-15CBBParlay Pick 2: MONEYLINE: Golden Gophers -600  pending
Good Luck All!
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