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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Today's Line - Foiled Again

For those of you that watched the Houston game saw all the bad and non calls that should have gone Houston's way. Two really stand out. One was on Harden where he drove to the lane and got absolutely mugged to the point where he fell to the ground and had to stay there. No call.

Secondly Harden grabs a lose ball and two Rockets are screaming time out...but no the refs called a jump ball. Unreal!

Today I'm trying to get in the heads of NBA players. I can't imagine the Warriors being that motivated to play well tonight. They have sowed up everything...playoffs, conference title, and the number one seed in the playoffs. The Clippers are on a hot streak and could improve their playoff seeding if they continue to win.

I see the Clippers motivated at home to beat their rival. Call me crazy but Warriors are fade material tonight.


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