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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Today's Line - Push It

4-2-2 last night with some change to throw. Happy about one push, the Wild/Blues over, because it seemed that game was going to be locked at 1-1 till OT. I'm disappointed about the the other, the Giants/Rockies over as the teams combined to leave 18 men on base and had quite a few opportunities to push that 11th run over and couldn't do it.

Today we will turn these two pushes into something positive like the acronym above. In my experience sports investing is a lot like this. You have to keep at it until something happens either you continue to lose and you change how you are doing it or quit, or you start succeeding and continue with what you are doing even more success.

Today we continue to do what we've been doing for more success.


Record Since Inception 9/26/13:

1685-1504 (52.8%)


At Inception: $6.60
Yesterday: $22.84
Today: $23.79
Profit: $17.19
Growth: 260%

Goal: $24.38
Amount needed to hit goal: $0.59

Last Week2826251.9%$1.42
Last Month8076451.3%-$2.93
Last 90 Days206193551.6%-$1.38
Last Year9979784250.5%-$43.31

04-25-15MLBRangers at Angels OVER 8 (-105)$0.15$0.14pending
04-25-15MLBMONEYLINE: Pirates -129$0.25$0.19pending
04-25-15NBAATS: Pelicans +7 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending
04-25-15MLBMONEYLINE: Cardinals -141$0.50$0.35pending
04-25-15MLBBraves at Phillies OVER 7 (-115)$0.15$0.13pending
04-25-15MLBRed Sox at Orioles OVER 8.5 (-105)$0.15$0.14pending
04-25-15NBAATS: Bucks +4.5 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending
04-25-15NBABulls at Bucks OVER 188.5 (-110)$0.15$0.13pending
04-25-15MLBMONEYLINE: Mets +107$0.25$0.26pending
04-25-15MLBMONEYLINE: Royals -132$0.55$0.41pending
Good Luck All!
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