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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Today's Line - Let's Be Bold Not Brash

4-3 yesterday thanks to my overconfidence in the Warriors and my brash way of betting. I won't mention that the Warriors slept-walked through the first 3 quarters by the way.

There was no need for me to bet the 1Q 1H along with the entire game. Clearly I should have chosen eh game only but the bigger lesson is that I need to limit my plays on a given NBA game to one and one only please.

I did however turn a profit so not all was lost. Today not much going on so I'm taking the early game and depending on how that goes I may add on.

 I doubt Chris Sale is all the way back and the White Sox should be able to get a couple off of Wilson.


Record Since Inception 9/26/13:

1802-1598 (53%)


At 5/25/15: $26.06
At 5/28/15: $28.15
Growth: 8%

Goal: $28.67
Amount Needed: $0.52

Last Week1717150.0%-$1.26
Last Month10985656.2%$4.58
Last 90 Days2692261554.3%$6.79
Last Year103910114650.7%-$27.09

05-28-15MLBWhite Sox at Orioles OVER 7.5 (-115)$0.60$0.52pending

Good Luck All!
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