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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Today's Line - Not a Fan

8-5 last night with a profit of $0.80. After 2 days of volume betting I'm not a fan of playing so many games. 16 on Monday and 13 on Tuesday. If I keep this up I'll get an ulcer. However I did commit to doing this for a week. To save my health I'm going to dial it back and limit my plays to 10 or less.


The Marlins showed us yesterday they can score but today I think it will be the Yankees that do the damage as the HP Ump Scott is (10-3) for the over. I say they get to 8 runs.

Zimmerman has had two bad outings so I think he is suffering from something. The Rays have a decent pitcher and should have a better game than yesterday. Plus Schrieber the HP Ump does not liek the home team (4-6) nor the favorite (3-6).

We also saw how quickly the Braves and Red Sox can score and today the pitchers are not that different form yesterday. The HP Ump Knight loves the over to the tune of (7-3). 8 or more is within reach.

When Danks is pitching you have to look at the over. Not to mention Locke for the Pirates is nothing special. If we can get a couple of runs from the White Sox 9 runs will happen.

**Note I didn't mean to put that much on it so I bough some back.

Car Mart should be able to handle the Twinkies plus West the HP Ump has a (5-10) record for the home team.

I promised myself to fade Chase Anderson since he pitched out of his mind last start. The HP Ump Wolf is not favorable to the home team (3-8) nor the favorite (2-5). Plus Santiago is a decent pitcher.

**Note I meant to put more on it so I bought some more.

Finally when I see a total at 5.5 I have to take the over based on principle. Couple that with two aces that haven't been sharp as of late and a HP Ump that has a (9-2) O/U record I gotta think 6 runs is possible.

Record Since Inception 9/26/13:

1851-1652 (52.8%)


At 6/15/15: $30.33
At 6/17/15: $30.00
Growth: -1%

Goal: $33.59
Amount Needed: $3.59

Last Week2830148.3%-$0.36
Last Month7579448.7%-$5.63
Last 90 Days2712521751.8%-$2.06
Last Year102710324949.9%-$44.25

06-17-15MLBGiants at Mariners OVER 5.5 (-115)$0.29$0.25pending
06-17-15MLBMONEYLINE: Angels +109$0.46$0.50pending
06-17-15MLBMONEYLINE: Angels +109$0.46$0.50pending
06-17-15MLBPirates at White Sox UNDER 8.5 (-105)$0.27$0.25pending
06-17-15MLBMONEYLINE: Cardinals -118$0.59$0.50pending
06-17-15MLBPirates at White Sox OVER 8.5 (-115)$0.58$0.50pending
06-17-15MLBRed Sox at Braves OVER 8 (+105)$0.48$0.50pending
06-17-15MLBMONEYLINE: Rays +126$0.40$0.50pending
06-17-15MLBMarlins at Yankees OVER 7.5 (-120)$0.30$0.25pending

Good Luck All!

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