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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Today's Line - Moving On

Yesterday's debacle in Washington was tough to take. When the pitcher gets an RBI double, well you just have to tip your cap.

Today we press on and look for opportunities to hit 60%.

The first one takes us to Oakland as Sonny Gray looks to get back on track after missing his last two starts due to food poisoning. If Gray and keep the Yankee lineup in check Oakland's lefties should be able to take advantage of Eovaldi.

We know the Astros can hit and we also know that Kluber likes to give up runs. If the Indians can get a few off of Velasquez the over should hit 7.

Finally I'm ridding the hot hand of the Ranger's Gallardo and his 4 game streak of not allowing an earned run. If Robbie Ray and keep the Ranger's guessing the under should hit at 8.5.

Finally check my CaperTek as I have my eye on a couple of first 5 innings.


Record Since Inception 9/26/13:

1871-1690 (52.5%)


At 7/6/15: $14.15
At 7/7/15: $13.52
Growth: -4%

Goal: $30.33
Amount Needed: $17.68

Last Week66050.0%$0.24
Last Month5174540.8%-$20.14
Last 90 Days2422432049.9%-$18.96
Last Year100410355149.2%-$66.41
Good Luck All!
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