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Monday, August 24, 2015

Today's Line - Depressing

1-3 and I'm pissed! In both my over bets the teams combined for 20 LOB. 20!!! Oh and Kershaw must be absolutely beside himself as with every Dodger fan. Guy goes 8 innings of 1 run ball and the bullpen can't secure the win. Doyers have no shot in the playoffs.

Finally the game I laid off was the Royls and they came back and I was all set to take the Cards but I lost track of time and missed it.

That was my day.


Record Since Inception 9/26/13:

1967-1789 (52.4%)


At 8/14/15: $11.65
At 8/24/15: $8.82
Growth: -24%

Goal: $12.82
Amount Needed: $4.00

Last Week2424050.0%-$1.72
Last Month6966151.1%-$4.29
Last 90 Days1721961046.7%-$24
Last Year104210654849.5%-$48.41

08-24-15MLBMONEYLINE: Mariners -166$0.75$0.45pending

08-24-15MLBMONEYLINE: Cardinals -117$0.75$0.64pending

08-24-15MLBMONEYLINE: Royals -123$0.75$0.61pending

08-24-15MLBMONEYLINE: Pirates -165$0.75$0.45pending

08-24-15MLBMONEYLINE: Braves -124$0.25$0.20pending

08-24-15MLBMONEYLINE: Yankees -136$0.75$0.55pending
Good Luck All!
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