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Monday, August 10, 2015

Today's Line - Grinding it Out

1-0 for a little bit of change which puts me at 8% growth. I wanted to hit 10% by Sunday but as I said yesterday I wasn't going to risk that much to hit it.

The goal remains 10% and when I hit that I'll just set it back to 10% and keep grinding. Last week's record is pretty nice and the monthly record is starting to look respectable as well. I'll keep working on the 90 day one.

As for the TT yesterday; Jerome Williams and Brad Hand beat me while the D'Backs left 11 men on base. What can you do?

Today's card is about as bad as yesterdays.

Record Since Inception 9/26/13:

1931-1752 (52.4%)


At 8/3/15: $10.41
At 8/10/15: $11.20
Growth: 8%

Goal: $11.45
Amount Needed: $0.25

Last Week2011164.5%$0.79
Last Month5751352.8%-$1.31
Last 90 Days1822011247.5%-$23.11
Last Year102410505149.4%-$54.83

08-10-15MLBOrioles at Mariners OVER 7.5 (+100)$0.25$0.25pending
08-10-15MLBRUNLINE: Royals -1.5 (+102)$0.25$0.25pending
Good Luck All!
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