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Friday, September 4, 2015

Today's Line - Early Bird

Posting very early for Saturday's slate of college football...remember I'm traveling so I do what I can.


09-05-15CFBATS: Red Wolves +27.5 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

09-05-15CFBATS: Golden Eagles +21 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

09-05-15CFBATS: Bobcats +29 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

09-05-15CFBATS: Longhorns +9 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

09-05-15CFBATS: Eagles +17.5 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

09-05-15CFBATS: Rebels +23.5 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

09-05-15CFBATS: Aggies +35.5 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

09-05-15CFBATS: Ragin Cajuns +17 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

09-05-15CFBATS: Zips +33 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

09-05-15CFBATS: Aggies -3 (-115)$0.15$0.13pending

09-05-15CFBATS: Trojans +26 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

09-05-15CFBATS: Falcons +21 (-105)$0.15$0.14pending

09-05-15CFBATS: Miners +33 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

09-05-15CFBATS: Cardinals +10.5 (-110)$0.15$0.13pending

09-05-15CFBATS: Owls +5 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

09-05-15CFBATS: Owls +6.5 (-110)$0.15$0.13pending

09-05-15CFBATS: Eagles +5 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

09-05-15CFBATS: Warhawks +36 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

09-05-15CFB2 Team Parlay: (-245) view picks$0.62$0.25pending  
09-05-15CFBParlay Pick 1: MONEYLINE: Cardinal -445  pending
09-05-15CFBParlay Pick 2: MONEYLINE: Crimson Tide -500  pending

Good Luck All!

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