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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Today's Line - More Bullpen Melts

5-4 last night where 3 of those loses came at the hands of bullpens. Pathetic. But not as pathetic as the Pirates effort against probably one of the worst pitchers in the league.

Not sure why everyone thinks this Pirate team is a playoff team. Rotation is average, bullpen is shaky, and they have no clean up hitter.

Not a whole lot to go on today...except...College Football baby!!!!!!


Record Since Inception 9/26/13:

2020-1821 (52.6%)


At 8/14/15: $11.65
At 9/3/15: $12.45
Growth: 7%

Goal: $12.82
Amount Needed: $0.37

Last Week3424058.6%$0.87
Last Month10477157.5%$1.87
Last 90 Days208210849.8%-$18.9
Last Year108410864850.0%-$36.97

09-03-15CFBATS: Buffaloes -7 (-130) b0.5$0.10$0.07pending

09-03-15CFBATS: Roadrunners +31 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

09-03-15CFBATS: Green Wave +7 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

09-03-15CFBATS: Vandals +7 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

09-03-15CFBATS: Golden Gophers +17 (-120) b0.5$0.10$0.08pending

09-03-15MLBGiants at Rockies OVER 11 (-115)$0.15$0.13pending

09-03-15CFBATS 1st ¼: Wolverines +0.5 (-120)$0.15$0.12pending

09-03-15MLBRUNLINE: Royals -1.5 (-103)$0.15$0.14pending

09-03-15CFBCowboys at Chippewas OVER 58 (-110)$0.15$0.13pending

09-03-15CFBATS: Chippewas +23 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

09-03-15CFBATS: Golden Panthers +11.5 (-112)$0.10$0.09pending

09-03-15CFBMONEYLINE: Gamecocks -130$0.15$0.11pending

Good Luck All!

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