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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Today's Line - Sick...Just Sick

What a sick way to lose my Sunday night bet on Chip Kelly's inability to coach a fycking football game. Why do you challenge the hottest corner back on a TD throw. Why do go for it on your own 16 instead of punting the ball? How can you still not know how to use Demarco Murry? The Eagles are worthless and I can't imagine Chip Kelly keeping is job after this season.

This weekend was awful for so many reasons. I was on the wrong side of a lot of bad beats and last night was the ultimate of the fycked up shyt that happened to me in games. The only remedy is to cut down on the exposure to the bullshyt that can happen when coaches don't coach (Miami on Saturday and Philly on Sunday), players don't play (Indiana on Saturday and Colts on Sunday), and just the run of the mill bullshyt that happens in every college football game (FSU and VT).

At least Monday swung my way as good ole Falcco threw a pick in the endzone to ensure the teaser.

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