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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Today's Line - Sweeeeep!

Haven't gotten a sweep in a long time and it feels goooood! Not as good as the Cubs are feeling I'm sure. What a baseball game!

Today more ice and diamond plays. Unfortunately I did not realize I was at my limit on CapperTek so I could not put my baseball plays in.


Even though Gallardo has decent numbers against the Jays, I'm going square.

My hockey plays aren't rocket science, good goalies against bad teams equal high probability for a win.

I'll take the Royals against any team that strikes out as much as the Astros.

Record Since Inception 9/26/13:

2140-1934 (52.5%)


At 9/14/15: $13.54
At 10/08/15: $14.43
Growth: 7%

Goal: $14.89
Amount Needed: $0.46

Last Week157168.2%$2.63
Last Month114981253.8%$2.33
Last 90 Days2782411553.6%$1.17
Last Year111011005550.2%-$36.61

10-08-15NHLMONEYLINE: Penguins -103$0.26$0.25pending

10-08-15NHLMONEYLINE: Predators -194$0.25$0.13pending

10-08-15NHLMONEYLINE: Blues -200$0.25$0.12pending

10-08-15MLBMONEYLINE: Royals -137$0.25$0.18pending

10-08-15NHLMONEYLINE: Lightning -194$0.25$0.13pending

10-08-15MLBMONEYLINE: Blue Jays -235$0.25$0.10pending

Good Luck All!
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