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Monday, November 2, 2015

Today's Line - Good Weekend

1-0 yesterday and the less is more strategy is working. I've grown my balance $5.60 over last week going 8-6. I'm going to stick with the less is more strategy and only going to bet one game tonight.


There is some serious RLM on the Monday night game where 64% of the public money is on the Panthers at home but the line has moved from the Panthers -6.5 to -5. This tells me the sharps are all over the Colts on the road.

I have a feeling that the value is gone on this game since 5 points isn't going to do anyone any good. The total of this game has moved from 47 to 45.5 which got me thinking that if the Colts are going to win/cover they are going to have to do it by scoring points. I just can't see them trying to slug it out and get into a defensive/ball control game especially with how good the Panther's defense has been.

SO if I were going to play this game at all I would take the over, but I'm not.

I am going to play the 1Q of the Spurs/Knicks game. The Spurs are typically a fast starting team and the Knicks...well are the Knicks.

Record Since Inception 9/26/13:

2190-2004 (52.2%)


At 11/01/15: $11.53
At 11/02/15: $12.80

Goal: Make Good Decisions

Last Week86057.1%$5.6
Last Month6580444.8%-$4.47
Last 90 Days2842631751.9%-$3.25
Last Year107210975849.4%-$39.65

11-02-15NBA1st ¼ MONEYLINE: Spurs -183$0.80$0.43pending
Good Luck All!
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