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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Today's Line - Unexpected

Not sure what was more unexpected last night. The Bears wining or the Chargers only able to score 3 points in the second half. Or how about this...the Bears have a top 10 defense. Yes that is not a typo the Bears have a top 10 defense. A defense better than the Panthers, Texans, Steelers, and the Ravens! My how times have changed.

1-1 last night so we drank some juice. I was right about Memphis and another NBA game I didn't have the stones to bet on. I know I'm doing this less is more thing but it pains me to see wins escape me because I'm afraid to put $0.10 on them. Something to remember.

Got my 2200th win last night which is some sort of milestone I guess but it is a long road to get to 53% overall.


I only like one game tonight and that is Toledo bouncing back against CMU. I know they are on the road and I do see some RLM, but I what I don't see is Toledo losing two MAC games in a row. 

CMU is a nice team, but Toledo is going to do what they do. Run the ball to the tune of 222 ypg and throw the ball gaining 242 ypg. They score 35 ppg and only give up 18 ppg. One game doesn't change this.

Toledo gets the win here and will stay on a collision course, providing they can get past Bowling Green, towards Western Michigan for all the marbles.

Record Since Inception 9/26/13:

3000-2009 (52.3%)


At 11/09/15: $16.04
At 11/10/15: $15.99

Last Week94169.2%$1.99
Last Month4758444.8%-$0.79
Last 90 Days2752571751.7%-$0.82
Last Year106710775849.8%-$30.3

11-10-15CFBATS: Rockets -3 (+100)$0.50$0.50pending

Good Luck All!
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