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Reach Final 4 - Kansas +140
Reach Final 4 - Gonzaga +180
Reach Final 4 - Virginia +650
Reach Final 4 - Tennessee +1100
Reach Final 4 - Kansas State +2000
College Player of the Year - Zion Willamson -160

Central Division - Indiana Pacers +132
Western Conference - Houston Rockets +675
Eastern Conference - Boston Celtics -113
Eastern Conference - Philadelphia 76ers +380
Northwest Division - Denver Nuggets +200
Win NBA Championship - Warriors -160

NBA Most Valuable Player - Anthony Davis +400
NBA Most Valuable Player - Giannis Antetokounmpo +475

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Today's Line - A Bad Penny

4-2 last night but lost a penny thanks to my "big" play. So this is the other side of putting more on one play...if you lose yer fycked.

Clearly I didn't like it that much since I only put 6 units on it in Caper Tek, not sure why I put as much as I did in SportsPlays. Still learning...

Going to try an be a little more selective. For instance my system would have me play the two early games today but both match-ups feature shitty pitchers so I'm laying off.

Today is also a historic day in the NBA. The Warriors go for 73 breaking the 96 Bulls record. In my opinion if the Warriors played the 96 Bulls today they'd win because of the rule changes about hand checking etc. If they played in 1996...Bulls easily win.

Today is also historic as we say goodbye to Kobe. Thank gawd. Never liked Kobe the rapist and I'm happy to see him go.

Finally we have the NHL playoffs, however I don't see nay edge in tonight's games.


Record Since Inception:
September 26, 2013:

2486-2275 (52.2%)


At 4/12/16: $14.46
At 4/13/16: $14.45

Last Week3530153.9%-$1.95
Last Month8457359.6%$4.21
Last 90 Days125100555.6%$5.71
Last Year8538185051.1%-$27.9

04-13-16MLBMONEYLINE: Dodgers -153$0.39$0.25pending

04-13-16MLBGiants at Rockies OVER 11.5 (+100)$0.27$0.27pending

04-13-16MLBMONEYLINE: Brewers +137$0.20$0.27pending

04-13-16MLBMONEYLINE: Royals -102$0.26$0.25pending

04-13-16MLBMONEYLINE: Cubs -199$1.00$0.50pending

04-13-16MLBMONEYLINE: Indians -110$0.50$0.45pending

04-13-16MLBMONEYLINE: Orioles +112$0.50$0.56pending

04-13-16MLBMONEYLINE: Nationals -187$0.47$0.25pending
Good Luck All!

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