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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Today's Line - I Have My Reasons

Night games...

Rays - I don't think Dickey can put four quality starts together.
Penguins - They are dominating the Bolts in almost every category.
Astros - Do you really think Latos is the answer?
Rockies - Until I see Wainright put together a decent start I'll take the plus money.
Royals - Plus money against David Price? Yes please. #OverPriced
Padres - Pomeranz is a under the radar pitcher plus Cueto is bound to have a bad game.

05-18-16MLBMONEYLINE: Padres +120$0.11$0.13pending

05-18-16MLBMONEYLINE: Royals +133$0.10$0.13pending

05-18-16MLBMONEYLINE: Rockies +157$0.09$0.14pending

05-18-16MLBMONEYLINE: Astros -107$0.25$0.23pending

05-18-16NHLMONEYLINE: Penguins -127$0.25$0.19pending

05-18-16MLBMONEYLINE: Rays -103$0.13$0.12pending
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