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Reach Final 4 - Kansas +140
Reach Final 4 - Gonzaga +180
Reach Final 4 - Virginia +650
Reach Final 4 - Tennessee +1100
Reach Final 4 - Kansas State +2000
College Player of the Year - Zion Willamson -160

Central Division - Indiana Pacers +132
Western Conference - Houston Rockets +675
Eastern Conference - Boston Celtics -113
Eastern Conference - Philadelphia 76ers +380
Northwest Division - Denver Nuggets +200
Win NBA Championship - Warriors -160

NBA Most Valuable Player - Anthony Davis +400
NBA Most Valuable Player - Giannis Antetokounmpo +475

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Today's Line - Lucky

6-4 last night with a profit of $0.18. Sportsplays graded my parlay with the Cubs a win but after they posted my daily stats so that is why you see a discrepancy.

I got lucky with the Nats getting a walk-off since if they lost it would have destroyed two of my plays. This is why you only bet a team once...unless under extreme March Madness!

Stats looking good as well as CapperTek. Now if the Spurs can get a win that would be nice!


Record Since Inception:
September 26, 2013:

2610-2394 (52.2%)


At May 9, 2016: $15.03
At May 10, 2016: $15.21

Last Week3129051.7%$2.47
Last Month134126351.5%-$2.86
Last 90 Days223190654.0%$1.96
Last Year8788494350.8%-$32.65

05-10-16MLBMONEYLINE: Blue Jays -126$0.30$0.23pending

05-10-16MLBMONEYLINE: Rays -128$0.30$0.23pending

05-10-16MLBMONEYLINE: Mets +104$0.15$0.15pending

05-10-16MLBMONEYLINE: Angels -125$0.30$0.24pending

05-10-16MLBDiamondbacks at Rockies OVER 10.5 (-115)$0.15$0.13pending

05-10-16MLBMONEYLINE: Astros -132$0.15$0.11pending

05-10-16MLBMONEYLINE: Orioles -119$0.30$0.25pending

05-10-16NBA2 Team Parlay: (-116) view picks$0.88*$0.76pending
05-09-16NBAParlay Pick 1: MONEYLINE:Warriors -207  WIN
05-10-16NBAParlay Pick 2: MONEYLINE: Spurs-293  pending
05-10-16MLBMONEYLINE: Pirates -132$0.15$0.11pending

Good Luck All!

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