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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Today's Line - Bad Luck?

0-3 yesterday and all three games I had some bad luck.

Stras gets a cramp in the Nats game and two separate rain delays did the Nats bullpen in.

Atlanta held their own against Kershaw but their bullpen didn't do their job and gave up 3 in the 8th.

The Rockies/Pads game ended with a laughable combined 18 LOB and a 3-16 RISP.

I'm honestly at a loss and extremely discouraged about the way this week has played out. I feel I'm making good decisions but always on the wrong side.

If I'm going to lose I might as well have some fun...


Record Since Inception:
September 26, 2013:

2661-2458 (52%)


At June 4, 2016: $13.83
At June 5, 2016: $13.00
Weekly +/-: -$1.77

Last Week1014141.7%
Last Month7282446.8%
Last 90 Days2662491051.7%
Last Year8598504350.3%

06-05-16MLBRUNLINE: Rockies -1.5 (+108)$0.10$0.10pending

06-05-16MLBRUNLINE: Cardinals -1.5 (+153)$0.10$0.15pending

06-05-16MLBRUNLINE: Dodgers -1.5 (+110)$0.10$0.11pending

06-05-16MLBRUNLINE: Cubs -1.5 (-138)$0.65$0.47pending

06-05-16MLBRUNLINE: Rays -1.5 (+136)$0.10$0.13pending

06-05-16MLBMONEYLINE: Athletics +153$0.10$0.15pending

06-05-16MLBRUNLINE: Orioles -1.5 (+159)$0.10$0.16pending

06-05-16MLBRUNLINE: Phillies -1.5 (+133)$0.10$0.13pending

06-05-16MLBRUNLINE: Pirates -1.5 (+128)$0.10$0.12pending

06-05-16MLBRUNLINE: Nationals -1.5 (-116)$0.10$0.08pending

06-05-16MLBMONEYLINE: Tigers -128$0.10$0.07pending
Good Luck All!

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