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Monday, August 1, 2016

Today's Line - Not How I Drew it Up

1-4 with a loss of $0.70 puts me down 3 units for the week. Obviously, yesterday did not go as planned. I guess when Matt Cain no hits any team though 5 and Pelfrey shutouts any team something is amiss. The only play that came through was a huge dog in extras.

But you know what is great? It really isn't a big deal. Yeah I'm down 3 units and yesterday's events were way out of left field, I mean look at the Cubs game. Yesterday was fluky, just like baseball. I stayed disciplined enough not to blow up my bankroll, including chasing losses. Remember if you didn't see any value before you started wining or losing there still isn't any value after you are winning or losing.

Today is a new day so let's get 60!


Record Since Inception:
September 26, 2013:

2791-2554 (52.2%)

Beginning Balance: $7.80 (link)

Yesterday: $18.95
Today: $18.25
Since Inception: +10.45
Growth: 134%

Last Week88350.0%
Last Month5645855.5%
Last 90 Days2131951852.2%
Last Year8928255052.0%

08-01-16MLB1st 5 Innings MONEYLINE: Red Sox-104$0.20$0.19pending

08-01-16MLB1st 5 Innings MONEYLINE: Brewers-115$0.20$0.17pending

08-01-16MLB2 Team Parlay: (-104) view picks$0.20$0.19pending
08-01-16MLBParlay Pick 1: 1st 5 Innings MONEYLINE: Indians -229  pending
08-01-16MLBParlay Pick 2: 1st 5 Innings MONEYLINE: Nationals -208  pending
08-01-16MLB1st 5 Innings MONEYLINE: Royals+100$0.20*$0.20pending

Good Luck All!
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