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Win 2019 Heisman Trophy - Jalen Hurts +650 (L)
Win 2019 Heisman Trophy - Tua Tagovailoa +500 (L)
Win 2019 Heisman Trophy - Trevor Lawrence +350 (L)
Win 2019 Heisman Trophy - Joe Burrow +375 (W)

Alabama 11 wins OVER (10-2) LOSER!
Baylor 7 wins OVER (9-0) WINNER!
Florida 9 wins OVER (10-2) WINNER!
Georgia 10.5 wins OVER (11-1) WINNER!
Illinois 3.5 wins OVER (6-4) WINNER!
LSU 8.5 wins OVER (9-0) WINNER!
Michigan 9.5 wins OVER (9-3) LOSER!
Notre Dame 9.5 wins OVER (10-2) WINNER!
Ohio St 10 wins OVER (10-0) WINNER!
Nebraska 8 wins OVER (4-5) LOSER
Oregon 8.5 wins OVER (9-1) WINNER!
Sparty 7 wins OVER (4-5) LOSER
Utah 8.5 wins OVER (9-1) WINNER!


Reach AFC Conference Final - Kansas City Chiefs +160 (W)
Reach AFC Conference Final - Jacksonville Jaguars +625 (L)
Reach NFC Conference Final - New Orleans Saints +215 (L)
Reach NFC Conference Final - Chicago Bears +365 (L)

Cleveland Browns win AFC North +120 LOSER!
Jacksonville Jaguars win AFC South +350 LOSER!
Los Angeles Chargers win AFC West +280 LOSER!
Philadelphia Eagles win NFC East +105 WINNER!
Chicago Bears win NFC North +175 LOSER!
Carolina Panthers win NFC South +775 LOSER!
Seattle Seahawks win NFC West +280 LOSER!

CHI regular season wins over 9½ +105 (6-6) LOSER!
CLE regular season wins over 9 -130 (5-7) LOSER!
DAL regular season wins over 8½ -130 (7-6) LOSER!
GB regular season wins over 9½ +105 (10-3) WINNER!
JAX regular season wins over 8 -115 (4-8) LOSER!
KC regular season wins over 10½ -115 (10-4) WINNER!
LAR regular season wins over 10½ -105 (8-6) LOSER!
NOR regular season wins over 10½ +105 (10-3) WINNER!
PIT regular season wins under 8½ +120 (8-6) WINNER!
SEA regular season wins over 8½ -115 (9-2) WINNER!

New Orleans Saints win Super Bowl +975 (11-3) LOSER!


ATL regular season wins over 34.5 (15-39)
BOS regular season wins over 49.5 (37-15)
DEN regular season wins over 53.5 (37-16)
DET regular season wins over 38.5 (19-36)
LAC regular season wins over 54.5 (37-16)
MIA regular season wins over 43.5 (34-18)
ORL regular season wins over 41.5 (22-31)
PHI regular season wins over 54.5 (33-21)
POR regular season wins over 47.5 (25-29)
SAC regular season wins over 37 (21-31)
SAS regular season wins over 46.5 22-30)
UTA regular season wins over 53.5 (34-18)


Yankees to win WS +400

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Today's Line - Underdog Saturday

1-1 last night with a small profit of $0.07 thanks to the ballsy play calling by Utah. I love this team!

Today we have a full slate of games including MMA with UFC Fight Night 95. @drjayh has been crushing it since he came to with a record of 24-9 and hasn't looked back. Here are his picks for tonight's bouts.

UFC Fight Night 95

The main event for UFC fight night 95 has the arguably toughest female fighter on the planet, Cristine "Cyborg" Juntino against Lina Lansberg. They are fighting at a "catch weight" of 140 pounds. Both of these fighters have fought at 145 in the past. Why they are fighting at 140 lbs, I can only speculate.

For one, the UFC does not have a 145 women's division. For Cyborg to be a UFC champion she must fight at 135 lbs, which is a weight that she has not been capable of making. You might wonder why does it matter? In the current state of the UFC, for any situation that you find puzzling, the answer can be found in the famous statement that the infamous bank robber, Willie Sutton, gave when asked "Why do you rob banks?" His reply, "Because that's where the money is!"

Cyborg has this pipe dream of fighting Rhonda Rousey, and Rousey will only fight at 135 lbs. Don't even get me started on Cyborg's history of anabolic steroid use to be the incredibly ripped fighting machine she is. Honestly, I’d like to see her beat just because of that, but my job here is to help all y'all make money.

Her opponent, Lina Landsberg is a pretty tough Muay Thai fighter who likes to clinch and fight in tight with elbows and knees, but Cyborg has only lost once, and that was in 2005. This is a five round fight. I don't think Cyborg has ever seen a fifth round, Most of her opponents have never seen a second round. If you haven't seen this woman fight, this is your chance. Nothing about it will be pretty

Pick: Cyborg by strikes in the first round.

Renan Barao versus Phillipe Nover

Renan Barao was the bantamweight champion for several years and considered one of  the top PFP (pound for pound) fighters in all of MMA. Then he got soundly beaten by TJ Dillishaw and has been struggling a bit since. This fight is in front of his home country fans. Barao will win it.

Pick: Renan Barao by strikes, second round

Roy Nelson versus Antonio Silva

These two guys are among the largest fighters currently active in the UFC, both fighting near the 265 lb limit after losing weight to get there. Antonio "Big Foot" Silva got that way from a hormonal disorder. Roy, "Big Country" Nelson got that way from eating. Nelson seems to pride himself as being fat, and for a large man, he is quite skilled. His overhand right has laid out several fighters that figured a fat man couldn't hurt them. Most everything we can see on Silva is big, not just his feet. He is a heavy hitter with black belts in BJJ and karate. For his last several fights, Silva has either knocked out his opponent, or they have knocked him out. Nelson can still carry a big stick, it's hard to walk softly with a big foot.

Pick: Roy Nelson by knockout, second round

Francisco Trinaldo versus Paul Felder

Pick: Francisco Trinaldo by decision.

Thiago Santos versus Eric Spicely

Pick: Thiago Santos by decision

Mike De La Torre versus Godofredo Pepey

Pick: Godofredo Pepey by decision

Roni Yahya versus Michinori Tanaka

This is an interesting fight between a judo trained fighter, Tanaka and a jujitsu fighter,Yahya. This is not the typical MMA stand and strike fight. If you are interested in BJJ at the highest level, Yahya has it. Think of him as a boa constrictor. If Yahya gets a firm grip anywhere on Tanaka, he will slowly bring him into his world and choke him out.

Pick: Roni Yahya by submission, second round

On the diamond:

Favorable over ump (13-9) in New York plus the Jays hit lefties very well.
Fishy line on the Red Sox but I'll bite anyway. Can't pass up that price on a Cy Young candidate.
Another favorable over ump (16-5) in Milwaukee.

On the gridiron:

I'm putting my money where my mouth is today by not having any bonus cash plays. I'm paying/will get paid for all leans.

Iowa is still a good team and nobody is talking about Washington...just they way they like it I'm sure. A nice parlay to bookend the day.

I've mulled this FSU game over and over all week. IMO this is a great spot for FSU to bounce back and have a great game. I think being on the road is actually better than having this game at home. I'm not buying the hangover effect from last week's blowout. Stuff like that happens. This is still a very good balanced football team with playmakers on both sides of the ball. FSU may start out slow but by the second half I see them pulling away and easily covering.

Another team in a bounce back spot is Ole Miss. Here is where I think being at home helps since they have had a couple of close losses. This team is talented and Georgia isn't. The Rebels cover.

Saban won't run it up on his alma mater, plus Kiffin will be calling conservative plays down the stretch.

Wisky comes out pumped while Sparty starts slow. Wisky leads after 1 quarter.

The Vols are favored at home and this is the game the entire state of Tennessee has circled on their calendar. Florida comes in with a back up QB so it's all pointing Tennessee's way. But I just don't see it. The Vols couldn't stop App St or Ohio's defense. Florida's defensive line is in another universe, so they will keep Florida in the game while Coach Mac and the offense will come prepared and make adjustments to get this game to the 4th quarter where they can steal it.

Both Pitt and the Tar Heels can put up points; NC's receiving corps is one of the top in the country.

BYU has a high flying offense that hasn't really taken off yet. This is a perfect game for it do so while West Virginia who has no trouble scoring. I see a lot of folks on BYU. If BYU is going to win they have got to score points.

It set's up perfectly for Auburn tonight. Remember weird things happen when LSU comes to Auburn and with a new quarterback and a one dimensional offense I think Auburn will stack the box and make LSU beat them in the air. This is Auburn's last stand, because if they don't win this game their season is pretty much done.

Big 12 clash=over. Oky St catching more than a TD as well against a team that hasn't proven a thing.

Here is another situation where the home dog is live. UCLA is in a great spot hosting Stanford. Do we really know how good Stanford is? We can't put too much stock in the USC win and this will be the best defense they have faced so far this year with K-State being a close second. UCLA's QB had a rough outing last time they met, this will be different. UCLA gets this game in to the 4th where anything can happen at home.

Even though Texas A&M defense has been better and they run a more ball controlled offense, they are not going to beat Arkansas by running the ball and playing defense. Both teams might start out that way but come the second half and especially in the 4th quarter I see a track meet. Over covers late in the 4th.

We know Air Force can score but Utah St has put up 45, 45, and 34 in their first three games. I see this one being a shoot out.


Record Since Inception:
September 26, 2013:

2995-2706 (52.5%)

Beginning Balance: $7.80 (link)

Yesterday: $26.91
Today: $26.98
Since Inception: +19.18
Growth: 246%

CapperTek Record

Sportsplays hasn't posted my updated records yet.

09-25-16FIGHT2 Team Parlay: (-240) view picks$0.54$0.22pending
09-25-16FIGHTParlay Pick 1: MONEYLINE: Renan Barao-473  pending
09-24-16FIGHTParlay Pick 2: MONEYLINE: Roy Nelson-454  pending
09-25-16FIGHTRenan Barao vs. Phillipe Nover UNDER 2.5 (+110)$0.27$0.29pending

09-25-16FIGHTCristiane Justino vs. Lina LansbergUNDER 1.5 (-375)$0.27$0.07pending

09-24-16FIGHTMONEYLINE: Rani Yahya -134$0.54$0.40pending

09-24-16FIGHTRani Yahya vs. Michinori Tanaka UNDER 2.5 (+150)$0.27$0.40pending

09-24-16FIGHTMike De La Torre vs. Godofredo PepeyOVER 1.5 (+100)$0.27$0.27pending

09-24-16FIGHTMONEYLINE: Godofredo Pepey -141$0.54$0.38pending

09-24-16FIGHTFrancisco Trinaldo vs. Paul Felder OVER 2.5 (-200)$0.27$0.13pending

09-24-16FIGHTMONEYLINE: Francisco Trinaldo -127$0.54$0.42pending

09-24-16FIGHTRoy Nelson vs. Antonio Silva OVER 1.5 (+180)$0.27$0.48pending

09-24-16CFB2 Team Parlay: (-251) view picks$0.68$0.27pending
09-24-16CFBParlay Pick 1: MONEYLINE: Huskies -468  pending
09-24-16CFBParlay Pick 2: MONEYLINE: Hawkeyes-497  pending
09-24-16CFBFalcons at Aggies OVER 52.5 (-110)$0.54$0.49pending

09-24-16CFBGolden Bears at Sun Devils OVER 82.5 (-110)$0.12$0.11pending

09-24-16MLB2 Team Parlay: (-119) view picks$0.15$0.12pending
09-24-16MLBParlay Pick 1: MONEYLINE: Dodgers-297  pending
09-24-16MLBParlay Pick 2: MONEYLINE: Giants -213  pending
09-24-16CFBAggies vs. Razorbacks OVER 49.5 (-110)$0.54$0.49pending

09-24-16CFBATS: Bruins +3 (+100)$0.27$0.27pending

09-24-16CFBATS: Wildcats +8.5 (-110)$0.11$0.10pending

09-24-16CFBATS: Cowboys +8.5 (-115)$0.12$0.10pending

09-24-16CFBCowboys at Bears OVER 74 (-110)$0.54$0.49pending

09-24-16MLBReds at Brewers OVER 9 (-105)$0.15$0.14pending

09-24-16MLBMONEYLINE: Red Sox -153$0.54$0.35pending

09-24-16CFBATS: Tigers +3.5 (-115)$0.27$0.23pending

09-24-16CFBATS: Buffaloes +10.5 (-110)$0.11$0.10pending

09-24-16MLBYankees at Blue Jays OVER 9 (+105)$0.15$0.15pending

09-24-16CFBMountaineers vs. Cougars OVER 51 (-110)$0.12$0.11pending

09-24-16CFBPanthers at Tar Heels OVER 68 (-110)$0.54$0.49pending

09-24-16CFBATS: Gators +7 (-140) b1$0.76$0.54pending

09-24-16CFBATS: Huskies -3 (-110)$0.11$0.10pending

09-24-16CFBATS 1st ¼: Badgers +0.5 (-130)$0.13$0.10pending

09-24-16CFBATS: Golden Flashes +44 (-110)$0.11$0.10pending

09-24-16CFBATS: Rebels -6.5 (-135) b0.5$0.54$0.40pending

09-24-16CFBATS: Seminoles -6.5 (-110)$0.53$0.48pending

Good Luck All!

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