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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Today's Line - WTF Am I Doing?

I'm writing this after I read that Denver's starting QB Trevor Siemian was knocked out of the game with a shoulder injury and Paxton Lynch steps in and leads Denver down the field for a field goal to make the score at the half 17-7.

Then hit me. Not only did I go against every fiber in my body by backing Tampa, I'm backing Jameis Winston to lead his team against one of the best defenses this generation has ever seen. Okay maybe not that good but you get my point. Jameis Winston Denver's defense. What side would you rather be on?

The reason I decided to go with every sharp and square and back Tampa was that I had lost every single early NFL game that I picked including the Titians and the Ravens (two plays I liked but did not play) so clearly I don't know what I'm doing so I must be wrong about Tampa. So I backed them and as soon as I did I regretted it. I understand that there is a 2nd half of football, but a great defense with a backup QB against Jameis spells trouble.

It's time to change philosophies when it comes to the NFL. What that new philosophy is I have no fucking clue but clearly what I'm doing now isn't working as I'm 0-4 going into the afternoon games.

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Documented Results as of May 11, 2015