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Win 2019 Heisman Trophy - Jalen Hurts +650
Win 2019 Heisman Trophy - Tua Tagovailoa +500
Win 2019 Heisman Trophy - Trevor Lawrence +350

Alabama 11 wins OVER
Florida 9 wins OVER
Georgia 10.5 wins OVER
Michigan 9.5 wins OVER
Sparty 7 wins OVER
Notre Dame 9.5 wins OVER
Ohio St 10 wins OVER
Nebraska 8 wins OVER


Reach AFC Conference Final - Kansas City Chiefs +160
Reach AFC Conference Final - Jacksonville Jaguars +625
Reach NFC Conference Final - New Orleans Saints +215
Reach NFC Conference Final - Chicago Bears +365

Cleveland Browns win AFC North +120
Jacksonville Jaguars win AFC South +350
Los Angeles Chargers win AFC West +280
Philadelphia Eagles win NFC East +105
Chicago Bears win NFC North +175
Carolina Panthers win NFC South +775
Seattle Seahawks win NFC West +280

CHI regular season wins over 9½ +105
CLE regular season wins over 9 -130
DAL regular season wins over 8½ -130
GB regular season wins over 9½ +105
JAX regular season wins over 8 -115
KC regular season wins over 10½ -115
LAR regular season wins over 10½ -105
NOR regular season wins over 10½ +105
PIT regular season wins under 8½ +120
SEA regular season wins over 8½ -115

New Orleans Saints win Super Bowl +975

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Today's Line - Fight Night!

0-3 last night with a loss of $0.86. Love when the team your are backing quarterback goes down in their first series only to return in the second half to throw 3 picks. Or how about jumping on the Cavs losing streak as they showed up in Chicago with zero energy and zero fight. But my favorite is Denver. Houston comes in off a 2OT back to back and dismantles the Nuggets who played no defense and had no purpose but to just stand there and let Houston have it's way on their home court. The NBA at its finest.

Today I'm thrilled to see that my Navy pick at -3 has gone down to -1.5 so looks like I'm on the wrong side of that one. But who cares? Cause it's fight night!!!

@drjayh absolutely crushed it two weeks ago and he has his picks for us tonight.

TUF 24 Finale

This week the UFC is holding the finals for The Ultimate Fighter season 24, their long running reality show. In the past almost every show concentrated on a one or two weight division elimination tournament with contestants living in "the house" in Las Vegas with the winner getting a $100,000 UFC contract. Many of  the current UFC stars got their start on The Ultimate Fighter. This last TUF was different. Probably because Dementias "Might Mouse" Johnson, the reigning Flyweight champion, has soundly beaten every pretender to the throne in the division for a long time so the UFC got the idea to go around the world to every major MMA fighting organization they could find and have their champions compete in a tournament with the winner not only getting $100,000, and two Harley Davidson motorcycles, but also fighting Mighty Mouse for the championship belt at the Finale.

Demetrius Johnson versus Tim Elliott

Johnson is the consummate MMA fighter. He has no weakness in his game. He is superbly skilled in every area of MMA fighting. In addition, what I really respect about him being a martial artist, is he has been the perfect representative of the role model athlete. He demonstrates honor, respect, and dedication to his craft. He is a gentleman to his opponents, and has never shown any behavior that would bring shame to his fighting art. He is currently ranked as the best pound for pound (p4p) fighter in the world.

Elliott was the most seasoned fighter in TUF. He already has a 2-4 UFC record. He is very scrappy and has good skills.

Pick: Demetrius Johnson winning in the third round, anyway he chooses to.

Joseph Benavidez versus Henry Cejudo

It is the tradition in TUF for the two opposing coaches to fight at the finale. This year pits Joseph Benavidez, the number 2 ranked flyweight, and Henry Cejudo, the number 3 ranked flyweight. In the TV show, Benavidez' team dominated. I think that trend will continue.

Pick: Joseph Benavidez  by decision.

Jake Ellenberger vs. Jorge Masvidal

Pick: Jake Ellenberger by strikes second round

Jared Cannonier vs. Ion Cutelaba

Pick: Ion Cutelaba by decision 

Alexis Davis versus Sara McMann

Pick: Sara McMann by decision

Ryan Benoit versus Brandon Moreno

Pick: Brandon Moreno second round by submission


Record Since Inception:
September 26, 2013:

3227-2927 (52.4%)

Beginning Balance: $7.80 (link)

Yesterday: $17.38
Today: $16.52
Since Inception: +8.72
Growth: 112%

Last Week2624352.0%
Last Month104108849.1%
Last 90 Days3262852253.4%
Last Year9438367453.0%

12-04-16FIGHTHenry Cejudo vs. Joseph Benavidez OVER 2.5 (-245)$0.25$0.10pending

12-04-16FIGHTMONEYLINE: Joseph Benavidez-196$0.50$0.25pending

12-04-164 Team Teaser: +13 (-130) view picks$0.76*$0.58pending
12-03-16CFBTeaser Pick 1: ATS: Tigers +3 (-115)  pending

12-04-16NFLTeaser Pick 2: ATS: Patriots -0.5 (-110)  pending

12-04-16NFLTeaser Pick 3: ATS: Seahawks +6 (-115)  pending

12-02-16CFBTeaser Pick 4: ATS: Huskies +4.5 (-105)  WIN

12-04-16NFLATS: Steelers -6 (-110)$0.36$0.32pending

12-04-16NFLATS: Saints -6 (-110)$0.36$0.32pending

12-04-16NFLLions at Saints OVER 53.5 (-110)$0.23*$0.20pending

12-03-16FIGHTMONEYLINE: Brandon Moreno -146$0.50$0.34pending

12-03-16FIGHTSara McMann vs. Alexis Davis OVER 2.5 (-245)$0.25$0.10pending

12-03-16FIGHTMONEYLINE: Sara McMann -168$0.50$0.29pending

12-03-16FIGHTIon Cutelaba vs. Jared Cannonier OVER 1.5 (-110)$0.25$0.22pending

12-03-16FIGHTMONEYLINE: Ion Cutelaba -220$0.55$0.25pending

12-03-16FIGHTMONEYLINE: Jake Ellenberger +201$0.25$0.50pending

12-03-16FIGHTMONEYLINE: Demetrious Johnson-1036$0.50$0.04pending

12-03-16FIGHTDemetrious Johnson vs. Tim Elliott UNDER 4.5 (-135)$0.25$0.18pending

12-03-16CBBATS: Terrapins +1 (-110)$0.17$0.15pending

12-03-16CFBATS: Nittany Lions +3 (-105)$0.17$0.16pending

12-03-16CBBATS: Blue Jays -11.5 (-110)$0.17$0.15pending

12-03-16CFBTigers vs. Hokies OVER 58 (-110)$0.36$0.32pending

12-03-16CBBATS: Saints -7.5 (-105)$0.17$0.16pending

12-03-16NBAATS: Bucks -8.5 (-110)$0.17$0.15pending

12-03-16CBBATS: Bonnies -10 (-110)$0.17$0.15pending

12-03-16CFBATS 1st ¼: Gators +7 (-125)$0.17$0.13pending

12-03-16CBBATS: Jayhawks -18.5 (-110)$0.17$0.15pending

12-03-16CFBATS: Warhawks +7 (-115)$0.36$0.31pending

12-03-16CBBATS: Badgers -8 (-110)$0.17$0.15pending

12-03-16CBBATS: Eagles -8 (-110)$0.17$0.15pending

12-03-16CBBATS: Wildcats -17 (-110)$0.17$0.15pending

12-03-16CFBBulldogs at Hilltoppers OVER 79 (-105)$0.17$0.16pending

12-03-16CBBATS: Spiders +3 (-110)$0.17$0.15pending

12-03-16CFBATS: Midshipmen -3 (-115)$0.18$0.15pending

Good Luck All!

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