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Friday, December 9, 2016

Today's Line - That Was Awesome

Another 0-4 and another WTF moment in sports...actually three WTF moments.

Three takes...

Curious play-calling/decisions in the last drive by the Raiders. Facing 3 and 1 in the redzone Carr went for a pass in the endzone and missed the receiver by a couple of yards which he was doing all night. 4th and 1 turned into 4th an 6 thanks to a false start and then Carr throws a fade. On 3rd an 1 why not run the ball? It was working almost the entire 2nd half, that way if you come up short you can try it again on 4th down. Or what about a short crossing route, which was working all night as well? Carr wasn't accurate at all past 7 yards...not sure why he threw two long balls with the game on the line. WTF?

Second WTF moment...the KC Chiefs turned the ball over three times and won. Not sure when the last time that happened but it's rare.

Third WTF moment, number 12 St Mary's loses to a team that has NEVER beat a top 25 team. AWESOME!

...and I'm out.

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12-09-16NBAATS: Bucks -3.5 (-110)$0.15$0.13pending

12-09-16NBAATS: Timberwolves +3 (-105)$0.15$0.14pending

12-09-16NBAATS: Raptors +1.5 (-110)$0.30$0.27pending

12-09-16NBAATS: Hornets -7 (-110)$0.15$0.13pending

Good Luck All!
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Documented Results as of May 11, 2015