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Reach Final 4 - Kansas +140
Reach Final 4 - Gonzaga +180
Reach Final 4 - Virginia +650
Reach Final 4 - Tennessee +1100
Reach Final 4 - Kansas State +2000
College Player of the Year - Zion Williamson -160

Central Division - Indiana Pacers +132
Western Conference - Houston Rockets +675
Eastern Conference - Boston Celtics -113
Eastern Conference - Philadelphia 76ers +380
Northwest Division - Denver Nuggets +200
Win NBA Championship - Warriors -160

NBA Most Valuable Player - Anthony Davis +400
NBA Most Valuable Player - Giannis Antetokounmpo +475

Win 2019 Heisman Trophy - Jalen Hurts +650
Win 2019 Heisman Trophy - Tua Tagovailoa +500
Win 2019 Heisman Trophy - Trevor Lawrence +350

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Today's Line - That Was Fun

5-7 with a loss of $0.01 and once again a losing record doesn't mean losing money. Good things and bad things happened yesterday.

Good: NBA went 3-1...ha! that's about it.

Bad: Inter-conference home dogs in CBB went 0-2. CFB bowl games are a joke, and of course the minute I tail someone they go 1-2.

Let's address the CFB bowls first. So far when it comes to the bowls I can only say one thing; up is down, black is white.

Look at the Minnesota/Washington St. game. You have a Minnesota team that was going to boycott the game, then a petition was sent around to fire the head coach. If that wasn't a distraction enough the defense was full of backups. Wazu comes in as one of the highest scoring offenses in the country and couldn't score a TD until the game was out of reach.

Countless other examples include the eggs that Vandy and Temple laid on defense. Boise St not able to score on Baylor, BC putting up over 30, Miss St not being able to dominate kids half their size, Houston not showing up at all, I could go on.

I looked back at all the bowl games and found that the  public is 4-15. I think this trend will continue to hold and I will be against all four public teams today.

The inter-conference home dog strategy in CBB is something that I will continue to stick with unless it's an obvious loser like Oregon tonight. The Ducks are not in the same class as UCLA and will not be able to keep up with UCLA at all.

Finally I will continue with the hockey tail for a few more days.


Record Since Inception:
September 26, 2013:

3321-3032 (52.3%)

Beginning Balance: $7.80 (link)

Yesterday: $12.08
Today: $12.07
Since Inception: +4.27
Growth: 55%

Last Week1927041.3%
Last Month106117647.5%
Last 90 Days3012981850.3%
Last Year9858907652.5%

12-28-16NBAATS: Raptors +9.5 (-110)$0.30$0.27pending

12-28-16NBAATS: Timberwolves +4 (-110)$0.30$0.27pending

12-28-16CBBBruins at Ducks OVER 159 (-110)$0.15$0.13pending

12-28-16CBBATS: Bruins -2 (-110)$0.30$0.27pending

12-28-16CBBATS: Aggies +1.5 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

12-28-16CBBATS: Owls +4 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

12-28-16CFBATS: Hoosiers +5.5 (-116)$0.10$0.08pending

12-28-16CBBATS: Green Wave +6.5 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

12-28-16NBAATS: Knicks +3.5 (-110)$0.30$0.27pending

12-28-16NBAATS: Bucks +3 (-110)$0.30$0.27pending

12-28-16NBAATS: Hornets -3.5 (-110)$0.30$0.27pending

12-28-16NBAATS: Wizards -5 (-110)$0.30$0.27pending

12-28-16CFBATS: Aggies -3 (-120)$0.10$0.08pending

12-28-16CBBATS: Bulldogs +7.5 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

12-28-16CBBATS: Sycamores +11.5 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

12-28-16CBBATS: Hoosiers -16.5 (-110)$0.30$0.27pending

12-28-16CFBATS: Hurricanes -3 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

12-28-16CFBATS: Wildcats +4 (-110)$0.10$0.09pending

Good Luck All!

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