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Monday, January 30, 2017

Today's Line - Staying Positive

3-3 with a loss of $0.35 thanks to the stupid Pro what? All the players care now about the Pro Bowl? I'm all the dozens of people that watched really enjoyed a slug-fest that meant nothing.

I'm staying positive though...


Record Since Inception:
September 26, 2013:

3499-3206 (52.2%)

Beginning Balance: $7.80 (link)

Yesterday: $5.95
Today: $5.60
Since Inception: -$2.20
Growth: -28%

Last Week2932247.5%
Last Month156151550.8%
Last 90 Days3863921849.6%
Last Year112610197952.5%

01-30-17NBAATS: Celtics -5 (-110)$0.28$0.25pending

01-30-17NBAATS: Timberwolves -9 (-110)$0.28$0.25pending

01-30-17NBAATS: Heat -8 (-110)$0.28$0.25pending

Good Luck All!
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