Documented Results as of May 11, 2015


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Today's Line - Not How I Drew It Up

0-3 with a loss of $0.66 and lets just count the ways...

The Cubs hit into 3 double-plays in the first 5 innings...reminding me not to take sides anymore.

Jason Hammel (ERA approaching 5) shut down the Red Sox, and both teams went a combined 2-16 w/RISP and left 19 on base.

In the Detroit/Mariners game we had a very young pitcher and another one coming off a month long layover, but the bats went cold and the teams went 1-12 w/RISP and left 15 men on base. I also love the fact the Seattle's hottest hitter (Zino) was batting 8th. I wonder if that changes tonight.

I guess baseball is gonna baseball...

The good news is that these things will we have a ton of #GasCans on the mound tonight!


Record Since Inception:
September 26, 2013:

3905-3539 (52.5%)

Beginning Balance: $7.80

Yesterday: $10.16
Today: $9.50
Since Inception: $1.70
Growth: 22%

Last Week167269.6%
Last Month4743652.2%
Last 90 Days2122012251.3%
Last Year121210749353.0%

06-20-17MLBTigers at Mariners OVER 9 (-120)$0.30$0.25

06-20-17MLBBlue Jays at Rangers OVER 11 (-110)$0.28$0.25

06-20-17MLBPirates at Brewers OVER 9.5 (-120)$0.30$0.25

06-20-17MLBGiants at Braves OVER 9.5 (-105)$0.27$0.25

06-20-17MLBNationals at Marlins OVER 9 (-115)$0.29$0.25

06-20-17MLBReds at Rays OVER 9 (-115)$0.29$0.25

06-20-17MLBIndians at Orioles OVER 11 (-105)$0.27$0.25

Good Luck All!
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Documented Results as of May 11, 2015