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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Today's Line - Frustrating

1-2 last night with a loss of $0.12 and it was very frustrating to watch the first half of MNF with all of those penalties especially the phantom PI in the end zone towards the end of the first half. This is why I hate betting totals.

Tonight I'm jacking up my units on hockey a bit. Oh I screwed up on the Flyers pick...the Flyers are my pick. I got it right in CapperTek.


Record Since Inception:
September 26, 2013:

4145-3743 (52.6%)

Beginning Balance: $7.80

Yesterday: $3.92
Today: $3.80
Since Inception: -$3.80
Growth: -51%

Last Week2925253.7%
Last Month9377854.7%
Last 90 Days1911592854.6%
Last Year10599668352.3%

10-24-17NHLMONEYLINE: Stars -132$0.20$0.15

10-24-17NHLMONEYLINE: Flames +119$0.20$0.23

10-24-17NHLMONEYLINE: Kings +112$0.20$0.22

10-24-17NHLMONEYLINE: Red Wings +105$0.20$0.21

10-24-17NHLMONEYLINE: Panthers +117$0.20$0.23

10-24-17NHLMONEYLINE: Flyers -138$0.35$0.25

10-24-17NHLMONEYLINE: Oilers +132$0.20$0.26

10-24-17NHLMONEYLINE: Lightning -102$0.20$0.19

10-24-17NHLMONEYLINE: Ducks +120$0.20$0.24

Good Luck All!
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