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Win 2019 Heisman Trophy - Jalen Hurts +650
Win 2019 Heisman Trophy - Tua Tagovailoa +500
Win 2019 Heisman Trophy - Trevor Lawrence +350

Alabama 11 wins OVER (5-0)
Baylor 7 wins OVER (5-0)
Florida 9 wins OVER (6-0)
Georgia 10.5 wins OVER (6-0)
Illinois 3.5 wins OVER (2-3)
LSU 8.5 wins OVER (5-0)
Michigan 9.5 wins OVER (4-1)
Notre Dame 9.5 wins OVER (4-1)
Ohio St 10 wins OVER (6-0)
Nebraska 8 wins OVER (4-2)
Oregon 8.5 wins OVER (4-1)
Sparty 7 wins OVER (4-2)
Utah 8.5 wins OVER (4-1)


Reach AFC Conference Final - Kansas City Chiefs +160
Reach AFC Conference Final - Jacksonville Jaguars +625
Reach NFC Conference Final - New Orleans Saints +215
Reach NFC Conference Final - Chicago Bears +365

Cleveland Browns win AFC North +120
Jacksonville Jaguars win AFC South +350
Los Angeles Chargers win AFC West +280
Philadelphia Eagles win NFC East +105
Chicago Bears win NFC North +175
Carolina Panthers win NFC South +775
Seattle Seahawks win NFC West +280

CHI regular season wins over 9½ +105 (3-2)
CLE regular season wins over 9 -130 (2-3)
DAL regular season wins over 8½ -130 (3-2)
GB regular season wins over 9½ +105 (4-1)
JAX regular season wins over 8 -115 (2-3)
KC regular season wins over 10½ -115 (4-1)
LAR regular season wins over 10½ -105 (3-2)
NOR regular season wins over 10½ +105 (4-1)
PIT regular season wins under 8½ +120 (1-4)
SEA regular season wins over 8½ -115 (4-1)

New Orleans Saints win Super Bowl +975 (4-1)

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Today's Line - Not Exactly How I Planned It.

6-4 with a profit of $0.18 I'll take every time as I went 60% and turned a profit. What I'm frustrated about is that I had a couple of close ones that could have went my way for a bigger day. But that is why this is so hard. Shit Happens.

Today we have the NFL and the first week I'm putting my system to test. Last year my system did well so I'm hoping for similar success.


Record Since Inception:
September 26, 2013:

4065-3678 (52.5%)

Beginning Balance: $7.80

Yesterday: $3.29
Today: $3.47
Since Inception: -$4.33
Growth: -56%

Pats -9: I had this line at 10 so there is value here coming in under two scores. Cam is beat up and they lost their best weapon in Olsen. Pats can defend the run and dare Cam to throw it.

Titans -1.5: Big game for Tennessee getting Houston at the right time coming off that gut punch of a loss to the Pats.

Bengals -3: I had this at -6 so i'm getting value on a team that showed life and needs a divisional win badly.

Jets +3: Had this one pegged at 3 but my NFL system has the Jets as a favorite. Jax is smoke and mirrors right now.

Ravens +3: Love the underdog at home in a divisional game where the score is always close. Ravens not as bad as last week but the Steelers woes on the road is real.

Bills +8: I had this at 4 so 8 is great! Atlanta has been getting lucky and the Bills play hard as we saw last week. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if they flat out won.

49ers +7: We saw how Dallas was able to get pressure with just 3 defensive lineman and the Cards are pretty much one dimensional. The 49ers have found some offense and should be able to stay balanced with Hyde. Love getting 7 where I had this at 4.

Colts +13: Will certainly buy more if it continues to climb. I had this at 5 and I just don't see why this is so high. What has Seattle done to show us that they can cover 13? They are 0-3 ATS and they gave the 49ers 13.5 in week 2 and barley won. Are the Colts any worse than the 49ers? I don't think so. Seattle is no good...I've been saying this for years.

Last Week1311154.2%
Last Month74711051.0%
Last 90 Days1421232653.6%
Last Year10479648052.1%

10-01-17NFLATS: Colts +13 (-115)$0.12$0.10

10-01-17NFLATS: 49ers +7 (-115)$0.12$0.10

10-01-17NFLATS: Bills +8 (-113)$0.12$0.10

10-01-17NFLATS: Ravens +3 (-113)$0.12$0.10

10-01-17NFLATS: Jets +3 (-102)$0.11$0.10

10-01-17NFLATS: Bengals -3 (-120)$0.12$0.10

10-01-17NFLATS: Titans -1.5 (-112)$0.12$0.10

10-01-17NFLATS: Patriots -9 (-110)$0.11$0.10

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