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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Today's Line - Congrats Houston

1-4 last night with a loss of $0.88 thanks to partly Western Michigan for giving up 21 in the 4th. Clowns.

My emotional hedge was too much. I truly am happy for Houston but I put too much on the Doyers because I feel a little sick seeing I lost $0.88.

It's time to tighten up a bit with my units and be more selective with the NHL.


Record Since Inception:
September 26, 2013:

4173-3778 (52.5%)

Beginning Balance: $7.80

Yesterday: $2.92
Today: $2.04
Since Inception: -$5.76
Growth: -74%

Last Week2430144.4%
Last Month10397951.5%
Last 90 Days2101913052.4%
Last Year10629818552.0%

11-02-17NHLMONEYLINE: Maple Leafs +127$0.08$0.10

11-02-17NFLATS: Bills -3 (-115)$0.23$0.20

11-02-17NHLMONEYLINE: Stars -117$0.17$0.14

11-02-17NHLMONEYLINE: Flyers +164$0.07$0.11

11-02-17CFBATS: Midshipmen -7 (-120) b0.5$0.12*$0.10

11-02-17NHLMONEYLINE: Islanders +115$0.09$0.10

11-02-17NHLMONEYLINE: Golden Knights +180$0.06$0.10

11-02-17CFBATS: Rockets -7 (-130) b0.5$0.13*$0.10

Good Luck All!
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