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Monday, January 8, 2018

Today's Line - Going For It

Well folks today is the last day of the CFB season and I'm down 21.66 units for the year. However I have a high risk high reward plan to get under 1 unit lost. I had to game the CapperTek system a little bit since they won't let you bet more than 11 units on one play and you can't make the same play twice. So I made the following plays:

Bama -3 for 11 units at -120
Bama ML at -175 for 11 units
Bama ML at -190 for 11 units.

If Bama does what they are supposes to do then I have a little over 21 units coming my way.

I also have these beauties:

ML Parlay at +103

2 Team Teaser getting 7 points at -135
Bama +3.5
Steelers -0.5

Let's GO BAMA!

If they lose I'm fycked but so is the Sith Lord so it's a wash!

Why did I go with Bama and not Georgia? Mainly because the returning players from Bama exercised their demons last week by by beating Clemson and now can "finish the job" by beating Georgia. They have been here before and saw what it took to win. I also think the stage might be too big for Georgia and their young QB. If I were Bama's DC I'd load the box to stop the run and make Fromm throw it.

Bama has a better defense and the experience. They will be very focused and prepared to win.


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