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Win 2019 Heisman Trophy - Jalen Hurts +650 (L)
Win 2019 Heisman Trophy - Tua Tagovailoa +500 (L)
Win 2019 Heisman Trophy - Trevor Lawrence +350 (L)
Win 2019 Heisman Trophy - Joe Burrow +375 (W)

Alabama 11 wins OVER (10-2) LOSER!
Baylor 7 wins OVER (9-0) WINNER!
Florida 9 wins OVER (10-2) WINNER!
Georgia 10.5 wins OVER (11-1) WINNER!
Illinois 3.5 wins OVER (6-4) WINNER!
LSU 8.5 wins OVER (9-0) WINNER!
Michigan 9.5 wins OVER (9-3) LOSER!
Notre Dame 9.5 wins OVER (10-2) WINNER!
Ohio St 10 wins OVER (10-0) WINNER!
Nebraska 8 wins OVER (4-5) LOSER
Oregon 8.5 wins OVER (9-1) WINNER!
Sparty 7 wins OVER (4-5) LOSER
Utah 8.5 wins OVER (9-1) WINNER!


Reach AFC Conference Final - Kansas City Chiefs +160 (W)
Reach AFC Conference Final - Jacksonville Jaguars +625 (L)
Reach NFC Conference Final - New Orleans Saints +215 (L)
Reach NFC Conference Final - Chicago Bears +365 (L)

Cleveland Browns win AFC North +120 LOSER!
Jacksonville Jaguars win AFC South +350 LOSER!
Los Angeles Chargers win AFC West +280 LOSER!
Philadelphia Eagles win NFC East +105 WINNER!
Chicago Bears win NFC North +175 LOSER!
Carolina Panthers win NFC South +775 LOSER!
Seattle Seahawks win NFC West +280 LOSER!

CHI regular season wins over 9½ +105 (6-6) LOSER!
CLE regular season wins over 9 -130 (5-7) LOSER!
DAL regular season wins over 8½ -130 (7-6) LOSER!
GB regular season wins over 9½ +105 (10-3) WINNER!
JAX regular season wins over 8 -115 (4-8) LOSER!
KC regular season wins over 10½ -115 (10-4) WINNER!
LAR regular season wins over 10½ -105 (8-6) LOSER!
NOR regular season wins over 10½ +105 (10-3) WINNER!
PIT regular season wins under 8½ +120 (8-6) WINNER!
SEA regular season wins over 8½ -115 (9-2) WINNER!

New Orleans Saints win Super Bowl +975 (11-3) LOSER!


ATL regular season wins over 34.5 (15-39)
BOS regular season wins over 49.5 (37-15)
DEN regular season wins over 53.5 (37-16)
DET regular season wins over 38.5 (19-36)
LAC regular season wins over 54.5 (37-16)
MIA regular season wins over 43.5 (34-18)
ORL regular season wins over 41.5 (22-31)
PHI regular season wins over 54.5 (33-21)
POR regular season wins over 47.5 (25-29)
SAC regular season wins over 37 (21-31)
SAS regular season wins over 46.5 22-30)
UTA regular season wins over 53.5 (34-18)


Yankees to win WS +400

Monday, November 11, 2013

Today's Line - Digging For Gold

Magic Number to 55% - 7
Magic Number to 60% - 302

Cash Balance - $6.68
Bonus Balance - $6.81

Last Week3324257.9%
Last Month10081355.3%
Last 90 Days133117353.2%
Last Year4664231552.4%

*I had two late picks yesterday that I didn't manage to post. The Thunder to win (took overtime but they did it) and the Cowboys/Saints over. I was determined to get action on that!

Happy Monday!

Don't you hate it when people say that? Well it's a happy Monday for me since I went 7-4 yesterday for a cool 63.6%. This is nothing short of amazing since the NFL was wacky yesterday. The Jags won their first game and the Colts got punked at home. Green Bay is down to their third string quarterback and Detroit is leading their division!

Yesterday's record makes three days in a row of 60% or better. A week ago today I went 0-5. Since then I've gone 33-19 for a nice 63%. Let's see if we can improve on that number going forward.

Here are the picks...


Miami/Tampa Bay OVER (40.5): I think we have a live dog here in the Bucs. They are at home and showed everyone that they can play with the big boys by almost beating the Seahawks. Miami has had a lot of distractions and as a result lost two of their starting offensive linemen. Tampa is talented on both sides of the ball, so I see this game being competitive with some late scoring as both teams are giving up 23 points a game.


Memphis @ Indiana UNDER (183): Lowest under on the board and it involves the Pacers. Working the system.


2 Team Parlay:

Long Beach St @ Arizona (-3750): Arizona came out flat their first game against Cal Poly and squeaked out an 11 point win versus a team they should have blown out. Look for the Cats to be more focused and move to 2-0.

Quinnipiac @ La Salle (-10.5): This game is actually on at 9:00 AM EST tomorrow but who is thinking about CBB at that hour? La Salle got whooped in double overtime by Manhattan and look to right the ship against their second opponent out of the MAAC. Do you think La Salle will take Quinipiac lightly? I think not. Look for a totally different La Salle team that will remain focused from the opening tip to the final buzzer. No overtimes here, look for La Salle to come out like gangbusters and put this game away by halftime.

Keep An Eye On:

The Lowest Under: ATS: (5-2-1)

Looking to go 6-2-1 tonight.

Fading Houston: ATS: (3-3-1)

They are favored by 7.5 at home vs. Toronto. I like the Raptors to cover here.

Shading New Orleans: ATS (3-4)

Can't figure this team out. They are still playing down to their competition.

Shading Detroit: ATS (3-2)

Getting 4.5 at Portland. I don't like it. Portland is playing good basketball right now and are especially tough at home.

Good Luck Everyone!

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