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Monday, June 16, 2014

Today's Line - Domination

Just like the Spurs did to Miami I dominated the board yesterday going 8-1. If it wasn't for the Giants bullpen meltdown I would have swept it. The World Cup has been good to me so lets keep it going.

Lets Get 60!

Last Week2315060.5%
Last Month7756057.9%
Last 90 Days231175956.9%
Last Year8406512256.3%

World Cup 2014:


Last Week62075.0%

Last Month62075.0%

Last 90 Days62075.0%

Last Year62075.0%

MLB 2014:


Last Week1512055.6%

Last Month6048055.6%

Last 90 Days167123957.6%

NBA 2014:

Last Month63066.7%

Last 90 Days3430053.1%

Last Year222197553.0%

World Cup Early Game:

Germany (-110)

Germany vs Portugal OVER (2.5)

Good Luck All!
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