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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Today's Line - Let's Keep it Rolling

Started the day 2-0 and stood pat. One lesson I've learned about sports investing is that when you are ahead for the day...keep it that way.

We have a full card today so Let's Get 60!

Last Week2314062.2%
Last Month7954059.4%
Last 90 Days232169957.9%
Last Year8426502256.4%

World Cup 2014:


Last Week82080.0%

Last Month82080.0%

Last 90 Days82080.0%

06-17-14MLBMONEYLINE: Rangers -111$1.44$1.29pending
06-17-14MLBMONEYLINE: Tigers -150$1.44$0.96pending
06-17-14MLBMONEYLINE: Reds -131$1.44$1.09pending
06-17-14SOCMONEYLINE: Russia -125$1.44$1.15pending
06-17-14SOCMONEYLINE: Little Canary -307$1.44$0.47pending
06-17-14SOCMONEYLINE: Red Devils -320$1.44$0.45pending

Good Luck All!
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