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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Today's Line - Human Nature

Monday night was awesome was it not? I see that Vegas cleaned up as well as everyone was on the Colts and the Under, except for us. I love it!!

Today we are actually going with public and human nature. Both the O's and the Nats clinched their divisions last night and I'm sure they partied down. Do you really think they give a shit about tonight's game?

In fact I'd be willing to bet that most of the O's and Nats starters will get the night off...wait I just did!

Let's Get 60!

Record Since Inception 9/26/13:

974-770 (55.8%)
Wins to 56% - 6
Wins to 60% - 181


At Inception: $6.60
Yesterday: $4.33
Today: $4.57
Profit: -$2.07
Growth: -31%

Last Week3221160.4%
Last Month5646354.9%
Last 90 Days146136951.8%
09-17-14MLBMONEYLINE: Blue Jays +109$0.25$0.27pending
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09-17-14MLBMONEYLINE: Braves -130$0.25$0.19pending
Good Luck All!
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