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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Today's Line - Looking Back

Well folks I guess that's why they call them the Blowjays as they lost to a hungover Orioles team, and I'm not sure why they have Joey Bats hitting 2nd in the lineup. That's why I hate betting baseball.

On to much better things. In my previous posts I examined going against the public if the action is more than 60% in week 2 of NCAFF and week 1 of the NFL. I then put it in practice for week 3 of NCAFF going 22-15 (59.5%) and week 2 of the NFL going 9-5 (64.3%). So far so good.

Let's examine week 1 of NCAFF. There were 66 teams that had more than 60% action on them! As I did in week 2 and week 3 I'm throwing out the top 15 at the time they were ranked. Let's see how they did.

GA State 63% W (Abilene Christian covered)
UL-MON 72% L (ULM covered)
Tulsa 71% L (Tulsa covered)
Miss 72% L (Miss covered)
Vandy 65% W (Temple won)
Wash-St 64% W (Rutgers won)
Minn 78% L (Minny covered)
Akron 76% L (Akron covered)
NIU 72% L (NIU covered)
C-Mich 75% W (Chatt covered)
Utah 66% L (Utah covered)
ASU 78% W (Web St covered)

BGSU 67% W (W Kent won)
Hou 60% W (TX San won)
AZ 75% L (AZ covered)
Syracuse 76% W (Nova covered)

Mich 62% L (Mich covered)
Troy 60% W (UAB won)
Neb 78% L (Neb covered)
BC 69% L (BC covered)
Marsh 75% W (Miami-OH covered)
Purdue 60% L (Purdue covered)
Wash 81% W (Hawaii covered)
Texas 68% L (Texas covered)
New Mex 62% W (TX El paso won)
Pitt 76% L (Pitt covered)
KY 85% L (KY covered)
Ill 82% W (Yountown covered)
IND 82% W (In St covered)
Iowa 71% W (N Iowa covered)
MD 78% L (MD covered)
GT 77% W (Wofford covered)
Ball 81% W (Colgate covered)
Air F 78% L (AF covered)
Nev 81% W (S Utah covered)
VT 80% L (VT covered)
Buff 71% W (Duq covered)
Mizz 82% W (S Dak St covered)
WY 72% W (Montana covered)
Or St 79% W (Port St covered)
Duke 70% PUSH
UNC 82% W (Liberty covered)
E Mich 74% W (Morgan St covered)
Mem 64% L (Memphis covered)
USF 71% W (W. Car covered)
TCU 78% L (TCU covered by a half a point)
TTU 86%W (cent Ark covered)
Tol 82% L (Tol covered)
SDSU 75%L (SDSU covered)
Ak-ST 83% L (Ak St covered)
ULL 60% L (ULL covered)
TX-St 72% L (TX-St covered)
Mid TN 61% L (Mid TN covered)
ODU 77% W (Hampton covered)
ECU 79% L (ECU covered)

Wouldn't you know it 27-27 for a losing percentage. However some games were mighty close so depending on YOUR number you might have come out with some change to throw.

Let's look at the NFL Week 2 Shall we?

Pitt 60% W (Balt won)
Det 62% W (Car won)
NE 82% L (NE covered) Should have been throw out due to AD not playing
Saints 78% W (Browns won)
TB 71% W (Rams won)
Seattle 72% W (Chargers won)
Houston 66% L (Texans covered)
Denver 68% W (KC covered)
49ers W (Bears won)
Colts W (Eagles won)

That's 8-2 (80%) baby!

As you can see on the sidebar to the right going against the public has it's moments.

Let's do it tonight shall we...and Let's Get 60!

Last Week3322160.0%
Last Month5746355.3%
Last 90 Days144134951.8%

09-18-14NFL2 Team Teaser: +6 (-120) view picks$0.20*$0.16pending 
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09-18-14NFLTeaser Pick 1: Buccaneers at Falcons OVER 40 (-110)  pending
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09-18-14NFLTeaser Pick 2: ATS: Buccaneers +12 (-115)  pending
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09-18-14NFLATS: Buccaneers +6 (-115)$0.27$0.23pending
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09-18-14CFBATS: Wildcats +8.5 (-110)$0.27$0.24pending

Good Luck All!

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